Inuyasha and kagome doing sex

Even she was surprised by her words. It is a typical day in modern day Tokyo. There is a soft breeze blowing through Kagome's families temple, shaking the leaves on the many trees, and causing a branch to reach out and shake Kagome's upstairs bedroom window.

Inuyasha and kagome doing sex
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Inuyasha was not allowing any of that, he pulled her into his chest and squeezes her gently. Inuyasha pulls out suddenly causing Kagome to whimper at him in disappointment and frustration. She didn't care, in that moment she just wanted to lay and feel the cool wind seep in through her window and dry her wet skin while sending shivers up and down her body. He knelt next to the bed and pulled Kagomes body over to the edge.

Inuyasha and kagome doing sex
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Inuyasha and kagome doing sex
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Inuyasha is enjoying the reaction he is getting from the beautiful woman underneath him. She stepped under the warm water enjoying the consistency of the temperature and the inuyasha and kagome doing sex the hot water soothed her aching shoulder muscles. He squeezes her butt and without thinking spanks the woman he craved so much in the past, for all the time they wasted not doing this. I will marry you, and I will give you children, and I will grow with you and fight, and live, and give you everything I can.

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Inuyasha and kagome doing sex
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